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Gambia , Sunday 18 February 2018

News Gambia » Upper River: Gambia: No matter what position you hold in my government, or…

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

On Works and Infrastructure, we have secured $75Million grant from the Chinese to construct roads and bridges in the Upper River Region. The Gambia is open for business and we have taken steps to facilitate trade and provide incentives for investment in ...

News Gambia » Upper River: 13 JPs sworn in URR by Chief Judge

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

The governor of Upper River Region, Fatou Jammeh Touray disclosed that the swearing ... Sanneh, principal registrar of the Supreme Court of The Gambia, Abdou Conteh, Estate Manager Pateh Sowe, the protocol officer, Mr. Jammeh and host of other judiciary ...

News Gambia » Upper River: On a monthlong cruise of Africa, a gambol in Gambia

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Publication date: Sunday 28 January 2018

Our pirogue - a large dugout with a muscular motor - awaited us just offshore, bobbing in the Gambia River with a herd of other colorful boats filled with furniture, groceries and people. There was no way we would walk through the mucky beach and water to ...

News Gambia » Upper River: Live Your Goals continues spreading the word

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Publication date: Sunday 03 July 2016

... in attendance represented the school systems of the Lower River (LRR), Upper River (URR), Central River and North Bank Region as well as SOS Kinderdorf (from the URR) [The Gambia river from which the nation takes its name runs through the entire country].

News Gambia » Upper River: Gambia - Humanitarian Response Plan 2016

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Publication date: Wednesday 24 January 2018

Drought, flooding, wind-storms, pest infestation and disease outbreaks have been undermining food security and decimating livelihoods in Gambia since 2013 ... under five years old was recorded in Upper River and Central River Regions thanks to Seasonal ...

News Gambia » Upper River: Gambia: Upper River Region, WCR Governors Testify At Lands Commission

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Publication date: Wednesday 23 March 2011

As proceedings into the ongoing Lands Commission chaired by Justice Mahoney at the High Court in Banjul progresses, more witnesses continue to give their evidences. Two top regional officials yesterday in the persons of Alhaji Omar Khan, governor of the ...

News Gambia » Upper River: Reaching the FGM/C tipping point

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Publication date: Wednesday 17 June 2009

Twenty-four community represenatives in Gambia’s Upper River Region on 12 June signed a public declaration abandoning female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C), in the presence of government officials, village chiefs, women’s groups and ...

News Gambia » Upper River: State Department announcements for Gambia, Papua New Guinea

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Publication date: Sunday 06 April 1997

The statement warned of a meningitis outbreak, saying it was "generally confined" to the Basse area in Gambia's upper river division. It advised that Americans traveling up-country should be sure they have current vaccinations. Basse is located ...

News Gambia » Upper River: In steamy Gambia, frontline research into disease

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 March 2001

... of ocean coast where the Gambia River empties into the Atlantic. Only there, near Banjul, do ocean breezes cool the air. The rest of the country steams under a blanket of lush tropical forest broken by marshy fields, mangrove swamps and peanut farms.